Focused MICHAEL Fellowships

Focused MICHAEL Fellowships

In December 2013, the board of trustees of the MICHAEL FOUNDATION decided to initiate a stipend to support “Focused Fellowships”, inspired by the “Department to Department Co-Operation-Project” of the European Federation of Neurological Science.

With this, the MICHAEL FOUNDATION built on an earlier program, which enabled German and later also foreign doctors to pursue an education in epileptology in a German epilepsy center.

The current fellowship program is a considerable extension. It gives young doctors and researchers up to the age of 40 from Europe the possibility to study and gain experience in epilepsy centers for at minimum stay of 6 weeks. Initially, the program included German centers only, but has since been extended to other European countries, starting with the King’s College London PET Centre in 2019. During their stay, fellows will become acquainted with specific, priorly defined procedures, such as advanced EEG diagnostic or imaging technology in epileptology, or participate in research projects.

The grant amounts to € 2250,- with an additional travel support of max. € 300,-.

The minimum stay at the cooperating institutes or departments is 6 weeks. Nevertheless, longer stays are of advantage. Fellowship applications are to be discussed with the institutes or departments before being sent to the MICHAEL FOUNDATION.

Focused MICHAEL Fellowships scholarship holders must submit a report on their experiences and study progress no later than 9 months after completing their study stay to the MICHAEL FOUNDATION


The following papers/documents are required for your application:

  • a structured curriculum vitae
  • a copy of passport (proof of age: no older than 40)
  • a list of publications (max. 10)
  • 2 letters of recommendation from neuroscientists
  • a letter of acceptance from the hosting department
  • a motivation letter

The papers/documents can be uploaded after your application has been submitted to the MICHAEL FOUNDATION (see below).

Applications can be submitted at any time. There is no deadline.
After submitting your application, you will receive an e-mail with a password-protected link to upload your work and documents (PDF preferred). Please submit documents and media that are not available in electronic form or that cannot be accessed via link/download or that cannot be uploaded (e.g. due to their file size) by post to the MICHAEL FOUNDATION (mailing address see footer).

A list of the participating institutes and departments can be found here. The centers also define any language prerequisites.

Participating centers have been asked to provide practical help with finding board and lodging.


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