Inge and Johann Heinrich
Berger-Landefeldt Foundation

Dr. Ulrich Bettendor
Dr. Ulrich Bettendorf,
Hirschaid, Germany
Chair of
Berger-Landefeldt Foundation

Applications for support

Applications for support can be made informally.

Please send your request to:

Alsstraße 12
D-53227 Bonn

Inge and Johann Heinrich
Berger-Landefeldt Foundation

The Inge and Johann Heinrich Berger-Landefeldt Foundation is a foundation for symptomatic epilepsy. The foundation supports people that have epilepsy due to external influences - in other words people that suffer from an acquired epilepsy. Primarily, the support consists of single personal contributions to programs and aids that cannot be financed otherwise.

Among others, financial support can be given

  • for travels and rides:
    • to attend parasports
    • to attend medical, psychological or pedagogical counseling
    • to learn about programs for vocational retraining and integration
    • to support group meetings
    • to treatments and recreational stays
    also for accompanying people or for services to relieve relatives
  • for special aids like:
    • head protection
    • special shoes
    • treatment facilities at home
    • handicap-accessible adjustments to the home and vehicles
    • protection in private hobby rooms
    • aids to attend parasports
    • individual learning aids (including computer-controlled)

Applications can be brought forward by the people affected and their families, as well as support groups, care facilities, and workplaces. The application should contain a medical report confirming the symptomatic epilepsy, as well as precise information about the desired support and costs.

The Berger-Landefeldt Foundation can only support applications that have been rejected by the funding provider (health insurance company or social insurance). A rejection letter from the health insurance company must be enclosed with the application.

Chair of the foundation is
Dr. Ulrich Bettendorf, Hirschaid, Germany


Alsstrasse 12
53227 Bonn

Phone:   +49 228 - 94 55 45 40
Fax:         +49 228 - 94 55 45 42